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Rest Inn Motel

rest inn motel

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  • a motor hotel

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King's Rest Motel

King's Rest Motel

The back reads:

Two miles East on U.S. 10 & 87, Billings, Montana
Telephone 9-3050
Accomodations for any size party. Each unit
uniquely equipped for comfort with Simmons Beau-
tyrest Mattresses and other furnishings to make
this your home away from home. Designed in that
new modern styling with that "Western Hospital-
ity" atmosphere. One of Montana's finest. Open
year round. Kitchenettes available. Your hosts,
Mr. & Mrs Frank Cipech

Oddly enough, I found an obit for Mary Cipech, Frank's wife. It reads:

Mary Cipech, 95, of Billings, who with her husband built the King’s Rest Motel in the Heights, died Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, at Billings Clinic Hospital.
The daughter of Joe and Aloiziae (Lucy) Gasparovich, she was born Aug. 10, 1912, in Salida, Colo. After her father died when she was 6, her mother married Mike Bakaric and the family moved to McGill, Nev.

After she had attended school for five years, her stepfather was injured in a smelter accident and returned to Yugoslavia. When the family ran out of money, he brought Mary and two of her sisters back to the United States while her mother stayed in Yugoslavia with the seven other children for another two years. Mary learned to read and write in English and Yugoslavian.

She had worked in a bakery, a laundry, a cannery and selling candy and cigars in a bar and casino. She married Frank Cipech on May 30, 1930, in Gold Field, Neb. They lived in San Bernardino before settling in Montana.

The Cepiches built the King’s Rest Motel, now the Heights Inn, when there was no other development in the area.

Sounds like Mary had quite an interesting life. The Heights Inn is still there, though it looks nothing like the place when it was King's Rest.

Tip Top Motel main sign

Tip Top Motel main sign

Just a closeup of its main sign. It's now called the River Park Inn(IIRC), and it's been replaced with a plain plastic sign today.

I remember when the light green neon arrows used to slowly move right, till all of them were on, and I think the Tip and Top words on the sign came on at different times, till the whole sign came on all at once, like pictured here.

rest inn motel

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