Burj Al Arab Hotel Pictures

burj al arab hotel pictures

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    burj al
  • Umm Burj, Khirbat was a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Hebron. It was depopulated during the 1948 Palestine War on October 28, 1948 during the Third stage of Operation Yo'av under the command of Yigal Allon. It was located 31 km northwest of Hebron.

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Burj Al Arab at sunset

Burj Al Arab at sunset

I was kind of lucky to get this shot: the sun had heated up the air over the last days and led to a dense haze that particular afternoon. The sun was nowhere to see as suddenly, in the last moments of daylight, the ceiling loosened up and the sky was painted in red. 10 minutes later, the magic was gone.
This panorama is composed of 3 pictures and was stitched with Microsoft ICE.

Landmarks of Dubai

Landmarks of Dubai

The famous 7star Burj Al Arab hotel and the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa of Dubai. I shot this picture from the Palm Island. The weather was awful that day, with lot of humidity in the air, hence the poor quality of the building in the background.

burj al arab hotel pictures

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